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About us

“A couple of years ago I expected a baby and to have a souvenir, I had myself photographed in a county-town studio where wedding photographs of my parents were once made. Years later I attended a photographic exhibition by three FAMU (FILM AND TV SCHOOL OF ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS IN PRAGUE ) graduates and I realized the difference in quality of photographs, though I was not able to name it. Later, when my sister was pregnant, I remembered the exhibition and in the end we tracked one of the photographers. Today I know that the difference between commonplace and really artistic photograph lies in apparent trifles, which however a photographer without professional education is unable of – for example the scene lighting, knowledge of anatomy, composition, the history of photography and art in general... Therefore I have decided to utilize my education in management and to give the chance to future mothers who are interested in having high-quality photographs depicting their pregnancy. I contacted several popular as well as less known Czech female photographers, graduates from the FAMU Department of Art Photography, and together we offer you high-quality photographs of unrepeatable moments from the time preceding the birth of your child. “

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Anna Lara Feldeková, Pavla Kocourková and Lucie Škvorová are able to utilize their university education in art when photographing the most beautiful period in the life of each woman. They can depict the unrepeatable period of your life in the style of modeling photography, art nude, and portrait.

Do not hesitate and come in the time between conception and childbirth. You will have a nice souvenir of your pregnancy and a beautiful photograph from Fotostudio 9, the first and currently the only professional studio in our country specializing in photographing pregnant women.

Photographs from our studio may be a wonderful gift, and not only for your partner...


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